09-Apr-2020 | Virtual Insanity! Online Event.

Virtual Insanity! Online Event.

With all future events suspended due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, a leading Belfast DJ has decided to do his bit to help rise funds for front line workers.
Renowned DJ Pete Brady, the man behind Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast, has gathered together some of the best DJ's and live artists on today's current funk & soul scene to run a 12 hour musical marathon. 
Streaming live to your homes, the all day event - from noon until midnight - will be held on Saturday, April 25.
"What we are experiencing right now is totally unprecedented so we made the decision to donate every penny made to the NHS" explained Pete.
"It was very easy to pull all of this together when people knew where the money was going." 
The event is free but listeners are asked to make a donation using the 'Just Giving' link below. 
As well as the involvement of  highly respected DJ's from the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia and the US, the event will also feature live performances from Emrys Baird of The Soul Immigrants, The Allergies, Nick Corbin formally of New Street  Adventure, Noel McKoy, Lorraine Clarke-McGhie and Stone Foundation front man Neil Jones.
Follow the link below to join the group page, from where the whole event will be streaming from.