Our show goes out twice each week

every Friday via The Face Radio live
from 3-5pm GMT, 10am-12noon EST


every Sunday on Surrey Hills Soul Train Radio
from 2-4pm GMT, 9-11AM EST

Stream Link

The Superfly Funk and Soul Show can now be heard on The Face Radio, Brooklyn, New York. Opposite Tuesday's, 9-11pm BST and 4-6pm EST.


See what the Cathedral Quarter Belfast say about Pete Brady, their Funk Soul Brother.


Superfly Funk and Soul began as just another regular Soul night in the City but has fast become an established brand, combining a popular online radio show with a website packed with interesting content, a range of merchandise and a high energy club night! read more

The Radio Show is committed to showcasing all that is great about today’s scene, as well as recognizing some of the amazing artists from the past, offering a great mix for an ever-growing base of listeners. Expect to hear sounds from Curtis Mayfield and Donny Hathaway as well as some current day acts such as The Getup and Stone Foundation!

The club nights have proven to be one of the best nights out in Belfast and have continued to grow in both stature and in popularity, especially with the quality of acts who have been over to play, such as The Allergies, Smoove and Turrell and Crowd Company. Local bands such as The Organauts, Freedom 35’s and Supertonic Sound Club have all played, helping to play their part in some brilliant nights.

Superfly Funk and Soul has also had the privilege of playing support to many great acts over the last couple of years, such as The Excitements, Stone Foundation, The Haggis Horns, Craig Charles, Lack of Afro, Kevin Rowland and the legendary Pee Wee Ellis.

2019 was another massive year for us here at Superfly Funk and Soul, with another batch of great bands playing Belfast, including Soul Grenades, The Allergies again, this time with LA rapper Andy Cooper, Men of North Country from Tel Aviv and The Link Quartet from Milan. The stature of these acts has allowed us to form a solid alliance with the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival team, who have agreed for us to form part of both their festivals each year going forward. As well as that, I have played support to legendary Acid Jazz band Mother Earth, London’s Crowd Company plus The Haggis Horns all in London’s iconic 100 Club.

2020 is already shaping up to be an absolute blinding year, with The Mighty Mocambos, James Taylor Quartet, DJ Format and The Jezebel Sextet already planned in plus other big names in the offing.

There is no doubt that this brand is really growing and I look forward to taking things to the next level in the near future, especially with the rapid growth of the website which now has Tramp Records, Acid Jazz and Daptone all as contributors.

So now, you really can listen to the shows, attend the club nights AND buy the t-shirts! Onwards and upwards.