25-Aug-2020 | Transitions - Native Dancer

Transitions - Native Dancer

‘Transitions’ is the 4th single from Native Dancer’s upcoming album 'Tides'

It’s an emotional ballad that speaks to frustrations within a relationship as two people 
try to evolve as individuals and as a unit, simultaneously.

In the second half of the song the intensity builds whilst the two voices of lead vocal and lead synth swirl around each other.

In a wider sense, ‘Transitions’ speaks to the ever evolving nature of reality which is encompassed in the title of the album and the main theme of the album; all things going through a constant process of coming into existence and then receding.

The song refers to the growing pains of an evolving relationship and ultimately of an emergent universe which moves towards higher and higher levels of consciousness. “As above, so below”.

Birthed from deep within London’s burgeoning jazz resurgence, Native Dancer have been setting levels across the capital’s live scene (and beyond) over the past two years. Five individual artists who together set out to create a music that speaks from the heart and denies none of their influences in a genre twisting mashup of styles with elements of pop, soul, electro-funk, jazz, rock and dance music.
These sonic explorers have created a sound world that attempts to dissolve boundaries fusing acoustic instruments, synthesizers and samples. The music evokes ideas of parallel realities, a common element that connects everything and ultimately promotes peace and love.