13-Jan-2020 | Tramp Records

Tramp Records

IT already looks like it's going to be a busy and exciting year ahead at Tramp Records.

Over the coming weeks a number of 45's will be rolling off the production line.
From funk to jazz, soul to Hip Hop, there will be something for everyone who enjoys the same tastes as those of us at Superfly.
On top of that a couple of albums are due for release shortly.
On January 24, "The Best of CBS Records" sees the light of day.
A bumper collection of tunes from one of Philadelphia's finest soul, r'n'b and gospel labels.
Then. On February 21, comes "Movements Vol 10".
This is the flagship compilation from Tramp Records.
More than two years in the making, it's full of memorable tunes ranging from 1958 to 1979.
Take our advice and check out Tramp Records... they've certainly delivering the goods!