04-Jun-2020 | Thee Sinseers - What's His Name

Thee Sinseers - What's His Name

A bit more on Thee Sinseers:
Formed in early 2019, Thee Sinseers play a blend of 1960s soul and R&B cultivated in their hometown of East Los Angeles. Their sound echoes that of groups like James Brown, Ritchie Valens, Brenton Wood and Otis Redding. 
At a time when R&B and soul revival bands are slowly popping up everywhere, the authenticity given to the audience at a Sinseers show is palpable. That is credited to the members and their love for soul/R&B music. Fronted by multi-instrumentalist/producer Joey Quinones, Thee Sinseers demonstrate an exciting exuberant show that makes your heart break one minute with their touching ballads and make your feet move the next. Vocalists Adriana Flores and Bryan Ponce trade off with Joseph to sing lead on songs showcasing the talent of each member. These love songs that seem as if they’d be coming out of a radio in 1960 will be sure to make you fall in love. A hard hitting rhythm section led by Luis Carpio, Chris Manjarrez, Aaron Perez and Francisco Flores make your seats vibrate and keep you grooving. Beautiful horn lines led by Ben Caiazza, Eric Johnson and Steve Surman. Thee Sinseers will give you a show to remember, they incorporate crowd participation and make sure they keep you coming back. 


A bit more info on Colemine Records' Brighter Days Ahead summer single series:
"Brighter Days Ahead was an idea that started shortly after most of the country's stay-at-home orders came down due to COVID-19. Tours were cancelled, release dates were pushed, manufacturing for our LPs and 45s came to a halt. We all knew it was going to have a dramatic impact on our business, our artists, our schedule, and pretty much every aspect of our daily lives. So, as we settled into a 'new normal' and started to look at the schedule it became clear there was going to be a lull in our physical output during the summer. So we wanted to come up with some way to give our fans and our artist's fans something to look forward to. So, the idea of Brighter Days Ahead was born. A new track every Friday from the Colemine label group starting on May 22nd and running through the end of summer. And for the first week each track is on Bandcamp, Colemine will be paying 100% of any revenues generated from Bandcamp directly to the artist. So our goals are simple: put a little bit of money in our artist's pockets and get our fans some new tunes. We can't wait to share all this wonderful music with you!" – Terry Cole, owner, Colemine Records