30-Dec-2019 | The Ska Revival, Garry Bushell.

The Ska Revival, Garry Bushell

THE latest on a series of works from REDPLANETMUSIC is now available.

'79 the Ska Revival is written by Garry Bushell who was also the author behind  '79 the Mod Revival (also reviewed here).
Originating in the late 50's in Jamaica, many funk and soul fans found similarities in the Ska scene.
Taking influences from American jazz and  r 'n' b, most acts from the respective scenes enjoyed striking simarities...brass sections... saxophone, trumpet, trombone and the obligatory organ sound.
Back in '79 pop was getting dull again  and everyone said it was time for a new dance.
The 2 Tone revolution took off and within months the band's had conquered the charts and went on to become household institutions.
Journalist Bushell was on the frontline and was present to witness all of the critical events.
This book - priced £12.99 - captures the grim reality and pure excitement of those times.
Packed full of pictures and commentary, Bushell brings you first hand dispatches from a scene still as popular as ever.