01-Jan-2020 | The Sha La Las New 45

Sha La Las New 45

THE fantastic Sha La La's are back with another absolute belter!

You may remember Superfly praising their last release - the 100th on the quality Detour Records label.
Well, this excellent London band have produced the goods once again with "Bring Back the Love".
The extended single (coming in at almost eight minutes long) is quality from start to finish.
Imagine swirling Hammond organ grooves and vocals delivered with real purpose and you get the idea.
A listen to "Bring Back the Love" and you can instantly tell the Sha La La's are stepped in soul and Mod roots.
Their 60's r 'n' b influences are apparent but they deliver it very much in their own unique sound.
Detour unearthed a gem with this Quartet.
Delivering a style and freshness, they are undoubtedly one of the most innovative bands in the UK at present.
Take our word and check these guys out!