25-Nov-2019 | The Jazz Defenders

Debut album from The Jazz Defenders

THANKS to Will Work 4 Funk and Haggis Records, Superfly brings you the debut album from the Jazz Defenders early next month.

"Scheming" has been well worth the wait for this top UK outfit who have been on the scene now for four years.
It's modern soul with a definitive nod to classic bebop and hard bop.
In "Scheming", the band effortlessly channels the spirit of the golden Blue Note era of jazz.
Released on Haggis Records on December 6 on cd, vinyl and digital format...the label started by the Haggis's a memorable debut from founder member George Cooper and his associates.
And with this label - jazz has always played a massive part of what Haggis Horns are all about - they have found a perfect home.
Cooper is one of the UK'S most formidable jazz pianists.
Still only 31, he has amassed a comprehensive repertoire of working partnerships - Hans Zimmer, Nigel Kennedy, U2 and the Haggis Horns.
In 2015 he sought out the UK'S finest musicians and together The Jazz Defenders were born.
Finally, in 2019, we get to hear this long awaited first album.
It's an original set of songs written by Cooper and each member of the ensemble.
Filled with as much playfulness and humour as skilled mastery and musical prowess, you won't be disappointed!
Grab your copy using the link below...