27-Nov-2021 | The Grease Traps - Bird Of Paradise

The Grease Traps - Bird Of Paradise

Record Kicks is proud to present The Grease Traps, the United States' finest deep funk & soul band. Their upcoming full-length debut album is called Solid Ground and it hits the streets next November 5th. The first single taken from the album is “Bird of Paradise” and it will be released on September 24th on limited edition 45 vinyl and all digital platforms.

Guitarist Kevin O'Dea explains: "'Bird of Paradise' was the first original we recorded at Transistor Sound Studio with Kelly Finnigan and Ian McDonald of Monophonics. It was conceived to be a split A and B side on a 45, with the main groove as Part 1 and the breakdown as Part II, similar to some of our favorite James Brown tracks. However, we opted to fade out a little early to make room for the slow-burning original we recorded right after that on the B side. If you've ever seen a live Grease Traps show, you'll recognize some of the Gata's dance moves as bearing a striking resemblance to the bird of paradise's dance of seduction. It is a dance, it is a state of mind, and now it's a nasty groove".