17-May-2020 | The 7 Day Weekend

The 7 Day Weekend - Mango Moonrise

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The 7 Day Weekend - "Mango Moonrise"


LABEL: Vintage League Music

FORMAT: Digital


RELEASE DATE: May 15th 2020

GENRE: Electorganic



Born from and influenced by the sounds and compositions of 60’s and 70’s film composers, Alan Evans & Kris Yunker combine their song writing and production aesthetic to create what they describe as “electrorganic music”. The journey their music takes you on is The 7 Day Weekend.
"Mango Moonrise" is a song with melodic and drifting melodies that rise brighter with each pass above an solid but simple rhythmic under current. The perfect beginning and end to you 7 Day Weekend as the moon rises with a mango glow. The 7 Day Weekend members Alan Evans and Kris Yunker have an impressive musical track record. Evans is the renowned founder of USA band Soulive and renowned as one of the best drummers in the modern funk / souljazz world. He also has enjoyed success with Ae3. He is an in demand studio owner and producer. Evans is a partner in the Vintage Music Label. Yunker is an acclaimed keyboard player and composer – he has enjoyed success with funk outfits such as OnTheSpot Trio and Ae3.