04-May-2020 | Soul Grenades - New Album

Soul Grenades - Delicious Detonation

April 2020, London

Soul Grenades’ sophomore album “Delicious Detonation” is released on vinyl, CD and
streaming platforms on Friday 29th
May 2020. The album follows their critically-acclaimed
debut LP “Pullin’ The Pin”, released in 2017, plus last year’s instrumental 45 on Mukatsuku
Records, which received radio and DJ plays worldwide.
“We’re thrilled to bring this album to fruition” says Milan Hawkins, Soul Grenades’
saxophonist and band founder. “The culmination of many hours of writing, rehearsing and
recording, it’s been a huge collaborative effort that we’re really proud of.”
The album features seven different vocalists, each of whom brought their own unique style
and approach to the songs they performed on. “Sabina and Clair are both fantastic singers
we’ve worked with extensively, they have very powerful voices,” says Keir, the band’s
guitarist. “They’re complimented by Anne Frankenstein’s angst-ridden, soulful contribution
on ‘Loved Again, By You’, and it was great fun featuring rapper Motormouf on our cover of
the Spice Girls’ hit ‘Wannabe’.
Delicious Detonation has been a joint endeavour, with the whole band contributing ideas.
“I’ve loved getting involved with the writing process,” adds trombonist Luke Bentley. “I
wrote and arranged the music for ‘Supercharged’, one of my favourite tracks on the album.”
Trumpeter Andy Hornsby was the brains behind ‘Fortunate’. “It’s a killer horn line!” says
Andy, “but as I wrote it I would say that!


Based in London, hailing from Hackney, Montenegro, Moscow, Sydney and beyond, Soul
Grenades’ diverse line-up has added a great deal to the band’s sound. “Each of us brings
something different to the table,” says Andrey, the band’s Russian keyboard player. “We
grew up in different cultures, with wildly different musical influences, different languages -
we’d like to think that’s reflected in the album.”
“I like to think there’s a bit of my Siberian soul in this album” adds Wally Miroshnikov, the
band’s drummer. Born in Omsk, Russia, he has wealth of musical experience, having lived
and performed in multiple countries before settling in the UK.
Delicious Detonation has a more raw feel than its predecessor, 2017’s ‘Pullin’ The Pin’. “For
the first album I DI’d my guitar on most tracks,” says Keir. “For this album I’ve used vintage
amps and mics, I’m definitely happier with the sound.”
The album was recorded, produced and mixed by Andrea Lepori at The Mixroom in London.
He has worked with legendary artists such as U2 and The Rolling Stones, but he still
approaches projects with less established acts with the same professional approach. “Soul
Grenades were a pleasure to work with - their attitude in the studio is exactly what I’m
looking for” says Andrea. “They’re all experienced musicians, they know that studio time
costs money. They’re fun to hang out with, but they have a very business-like approach
when they’re busy in the studio.”
Soul Grenades road-tested and refined their material with shows at some of UK’s most
prestigious venues, including The Jazz Café, The 100 Club, Matt & Phreds and South London
Soul Train. “We love to gauge audience feedback, it’s a critical part of the process,” says
bassist Jack Richards. “As a bass player, I need to see and feel the reaction to what I’m
playing to see if it’s working. If people are dancing, I’m winning baby!” Percussionist Ray
Lakhan agrees. “It’s no different with what I’m playing,” he adds. “I love laying down a
groove…. seeing people get off on it and moving, it’s addictive.”
With most of the world in lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the band now have
ample opportunity to turn their attention to new projects. “We’re working on an EP of
classic TV theme tunes,” says trumpeter Noah Lawrence. “As the youngest member of the
band I’ve never heard some of the original recordings - there are so many 70s/80s shows
that had banging theme tunes!”
Looking further down the line, the band are already formulating an outline strategy for their
third album. “I have lots of exciting plans I’m working on,” says Milan, “not that I can reveal
what they are yet!”
Delicious Detonation is out on Friday 29th May 2020.
For more information, promo copies or interview requests, please contact:
Milan Hawkins – 07863 99123 / /