07-Nov-2020 | Potatohead People - New Album

Mellow Fantasies- Potatohead People

 'Mellow Fantasies' is the third full-length release from Vancouver's Potatohead People

• Working with a live band for the first time, the record pushes further into the duo's well established jazz-funk influenced alternative hip-hop, R&B, and neo-soul sound

• The album contains several notable features, including De La SoulIlla J and T3 of Slum Village, frequent collaborators Kapok, Moka Only, Clear Mortifee, and Bunnie, as well as rising stars Kendra Dias and Reggie B

• Potatohead People's music has been synched by the likes of Powerade for a documentary starring LeBron James, and EA Sports for the NBA Live video game

• 'Baby Got Work', their last single co-signed with De La Soul ft. Posdnous and Kapok has just been added to BBC 6 Music playlist