29-Sep-2020 | Pigalle Connection - Church and Casino

Pigalle Connection - Church and Casino

Led by French B3 Hammond maestro Guillaume Metenier and featuring an all-star lineup of musicians from the extended Mocambo fam, Pigalle Connection connect the dots between instrumental funk, b-boy breaks and cinematic soundscapes.
New 45"Casino & Church" / "Vendetta James" is a nod to Peter Thomas and Ennio Morricone, two massively influential score composers who both sadly passed away in 2020. A-side "Casino & Church" is a blistering blend of afro-boogie, breakbeat funk, blaxploitation and eurocinema, led by hypnotic percussion and an infectious guitar. Flip to the B-side for "Vendetta James", where Mediterranean funk meets Italo-Western and b-boy breaks in a sequence of hazy atmospheres and alluring moods. Both sides of Pigalle Connection's new 45 showcase the band's unique sound and deep appreciation for great film scores. Let's just hope they don't keep us waiting another 5 years for more!