04-May-2020 | Online Event - Thank You!

Online Event - Thank You!

A weekend to remember! recalls 
Michael Anderson 

Well! What can we say about last Saturday's Virtual Insanity?

First of all (and with donations still being accepted) Superfly is delighted to say we hope to have raised £2000 for our brave NHS services.
So a huge thank you to everyone who donated to this worthy cause.
Also a massive shout out to the stars who gave up their time to entertain us from noon until midnight.
It was like a who's who of the leading lights on the funk and soul circuit.
And it wasn't just the half hour DJ sets (outstanding by the way!) we are referring to.
Many (too many to mention) also gave up their valuable time in the weeks beforehand to offer advice to our main man Pete Brady and help pull the whole thing together.
And talking about Pete. Hats off to the man! He's a workaholic! 
He does so much to promote the scene in Northern Ireland and thanks to his efforts at the weekend the Superfly brand - although already well known - is now renowned right across the world.
These are unprecedented times for us all. 
But for 12 hours on Saturday we were able to sit back, forget our troubles and enjoy some stunning sets and tunes.