20-Nov-2021 | Nimbus Sextet - Helix

Nimbus Sextet - Helix

True to form, Nimbus are not afraid to fuse many influences into a recording. As a live prospect, Nimbus are one of the most exciting bands in the UK right now. As part of a renowned live performance, the band play a funkier more upbeat version of modern jazz-funk classic ‘Lowrider’ by Yussef Kammal. The live studio recording was bought to life with the help of Nuovi Fratelli, who incorporated the horns playing the melody line, placing the track in a more traditional structure and making it dance-floor ready.

 The EP’s other brand new composition comes in the form of the eleven-minute episodic jazz tune ‘Helix’. It starts with a gospel tinged jazz-funk groove and moves to a pensive neo-soul sequence into Eastnern-European/Klezmer influenced jazz classic late-sixties fusion. The track finishes with a latin-rock ballad epilogue utilizing the Octaver effect on the guitar solo. 

"The core idea for Helix was to bring together the three interlocking parts in an exciting and effective way to create an episodic jazz tune that draws on many different contemporary styles.”  – Joe Nichols, Nimbus Sextet