08-Nov-2020 | Native Dancer- Tides

Native Dancer- Tides

‘Tides’ is London born Native Dancer’s eagerly awaited full LP debut.

Over a long period of gestation and creation, this record has taken shape as an exploration of the natural flow that underpins the human experience.
It speaks to energies beyond the earth that push and pull us in cyclical motions creating our earth-bound experience.

There has always been a need for music to connect us again to a perspective beyond our mortal bodies and beyond the confines of time and this soulful offering takes the listener on a journey beyond the stars.

Tides was created over a 3 year period of personal transitions within the band, loss and personal evolution. Ultimately it speaks to a constant process of transformation and growth through experience, and a hopefulness that whatever pain and confusion we have to go through, it is leading us to higher levels of consciousness both personally and collectively.
In ancient Egypt, the Khemitians never spoke of death ---but, rather of “westing”.   They knew that we are ultimately immortal, and are in a constant state of change…or transformation.

“Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.”
Maya Angelou

The core sound of the band has retained elements of jazz, R+B and hip-hop as well as reference to the psychedelic experience illustrated in the first 2 EP’s but with the edition of Miles James production and recording techniques, and Ben Baptie’s mixes, the sound has evolved to a much grander and more impressive sound world.
Using Miles’ analogue recording techniques and Ben’s detailed mixing, the songs and the performances have been brought to life reflecting the 3 main sides of the bands identity; jazz, modern production and song-writing. As Frida once said, “Native Dancer is the moody love-child of Weather Report and Beyonce”.