05-Oct-2019 | Mighty Mocambos

New Album - 2066

GERMAN funk superstars the Might Mocambos are back!

It's four years since their last album "Showdown".
Now the Hamburg groove merchants have a new album on the way.
"2066" will be released on vinyl on October 18 via Mocambo Records.
It will also be available on CD and digital format via Legere Recordings.
To whet our appetite, the wacky funksters are bringing out a single.
"Preaching to the Choir" is everything you'd expect from the deep funk legends.
It's an infectious and witty instrumental sermon straight from the church of electric funk!
These exciting new releases come ahead of a tour throughout the UK, France and Germany.
The single is accompanied by a video clip directed by Fowler.
It shows our heroes Zulu walking through urban landscapes, hula hooping, skateboarding, twirling umbrellas and taking over a church while in their crisp white uniforms and wearing a series of decorative headpieces.
Weird and wonderful!
Little wonder that DJ Snowboy describes the Might Mocambos as "one of the best funk bands in the world right now."