24-May-2020 | Manukahunney Blue

Manukahunney Blue

Manuakhunney Blue 

Manukahunney Blue have grown from the outfit called “Manukahunney” which have been playing live, high energy soul and have grown to become synonymous with quality soul music in NI since 2012.  Siobhan Brown is leader of the band and is a singer songwriter who’s musical influences hail from the 60’s/70/’s and 80’s, encompassing everything from James Brown and Sam Cooke to Joni Mitchell, Jill Scott & Roy Ayers . She sang in numerous gospel groups before starting the band Manukahunney in 2012 as a conduit for her love of soul music, particularly the raw, loud energetic and funky sounds of Otis Redding, Aretha Franklin et al.


MANUKAHUNNEY BLUE are a 4-piece band that are the backline for singer, songwriter and band leader - Siobhan Brown.  MHB are formed from the cream of NI’s musical talent, consisting of  Henrique Franco (Drums), Matt Evans (Keys), Peter Close (Bass) & James Coyle (A Guitar).


Siobhan says  -   “I wanted to branch out and develop the Manukahunney brand and explore other areas of this genre that I love, hence the birth of the band with the tag BLUE to differentiate between the high energy soul of the larger band and the laid back neo soul, blues, jazz, & gospelesque vibes that Manukahunney Blue play, along with its own original music."

“Manukahunney” the band have been playing live, high energy soul music in NI since 2012. They have supported Martha Reeves and the Vandellas and played to their very own sold out shows across the province. Siobhan has been a great advocate for soul music in Ireland and has not only been playing but also promoting soul music, as presenter of BBC Radio Ulster’s first dedicated soul show namely “ The Siobhan Brown Soul Show” which completed its first series earlier this year.  A second series has been commissioned for later in 2020.



NEW Single Watershed released on 25th April  - Watershed was a song that I wrote 10 years ago and parked because  the time wasn’t right and the song wasn’t quite what i knew it could be. I did know though that it was a song of great potential. You know that when you listen to it after 10 years and still think its a great song!!  The creativity within the  Manukahunney Blue band provided the perfect platform to begin focussing on original material, something I had wanted to do for a long time . The release of our first EP "Let Go"  in 2018 was the start of that journey and has put me on the path to songwriting again, so now has been the right time to go back to some of my old material.  My experience and maturity as a musician/singer songwriter has meant that I've  been able to develop the tune into a much better song that is ready to be released to the world. Its all about timing, making those life changing decisions at the right time, and taking time out to think and having the strength and courage to follow what we know needs to be done, which is what the song is about . It's a song of hope to encourage us through our life journey. This is one of the songs that will feature  on an album that I’m currently working on, which I hope to have complete by the end of this year or early next year .


Siobhan says, “Watershed” represents a new direction in our journey of original music as a band. Co producing this song has enabled me to unlock ideas and melodies and reimagine a song that I had written many years ago. Working with the band, the producer Dean Stevens (132 Recording Studios) and Mick Conlan (strings) to develop and realise this song has been a revelation. I love that Manukahunney Blue is a melting pot of such talented people. They all bring their individual talents and influences to bear upon my songs and the result is always magical for me and hopefully for the listener too. My music is driven by strong emotions borne out of the realties of life, giving the song a combination of sensitivity and relentless rhythm.”