07-Jul-2020 | Lombok Sunset - 7 Day Weekend

Lombok Sunset - 7 Day Weekend

US duo The 7 Day Weekend made its debut last month with first single "Mango Moonrise", and now Alan Evans & Kris Yunker follow-up with brand new tune "Lombok Sunset", a luscious slice of electronic soul-jazz to enjoy anywhere from Lombok, Indonesia to Helsinki, Finland. 
The 7 Day Weekend is strongly inspired by the sounds of 60s and 70s film composers, and one can easily imagine their music as the score of an imaginary movie."Lombok Sunset" feels like it would provide the perfect soundtrack to a car cruising along the coast or a cocktail party on a terrace. With echoes of disco and a slight tropical feel, The 7 Days Weekend's newest single can certainly be said to have whet appetites for the full-length coming later this summer, watch out! Alan Evans & Kris Yunker combine their song writing and production aesthetic to create what they describe as 'electrorganic music'.  The journey their music takes you on is The 7 Day Weekend