20-Jul-2020 | Latimo


Here at Superfly we always like to introduce our followers to some of the scene's newest bands.

And one of those emerging in recent times is the excellent Latimo. 
The name might not be familiar to everyone... but it soon will be!
This powerhouse eight piece funk outfit are the business, fronted by West End star Katie Birtill whose solo album was number one in the ITunes jazz charts.
Latimo's distinctive signature sound is a feel good fusion of soaring diva vocals, heavy grooves and blistering horn riffs, infused with flavours of jazz, funk and soul.
Masterminded by composer, keys and band leader Nick Pike, the music is impossibly intricate and completely infectious.
Their heart lies firmly on the dance floor. You can't not dance to this lot!
Latimo cut their teeth on the London club scene with their high octane live shows full of energy and swagger and their self titled debut album is now available (keep an eye out in our reviews section).
Already this cracking band has appeared at such venues as the Hippodrome in Leicester Square, Hideaway Jazz Club, Boisdale and Pheasantry.
A date at the Belfast Superfly Funk and Soul club night sounds appealing!