23-Jul-2020 | Latimo - Self titled Album

Latimo - Self titled album

Superfly is hailing this as one of 2019's best releases.

It's the blinding self titled debut album from Latimo.
Formed in London in 2013, this eight piece funk machine is going places. 
Already renowned for their live shows, they have now delivered an equally as accomplished performance on record.
"Latimo' boasts ten tracks packed with uptempo funk and soul belters!
Founder member Nick Pike has pulled off something of a coup by recruiting vocalist Katie Birtill. 
Swapping the boards of the West End for the studio, Katie gets the perfect stage to showcase her soulful vocals. 
This album is crammed with dance friendly tunes and our own Pete Brady will feature the track "Just Love Me One More Time" on his excellent Face Radio show Tuesday 28th July from 9-11pm UK time, 4-6pm EST. 
"Latimo" is slick and stylish and consistently delivers with it's original songs.
With it's blistering funky tunes, gorgeous vocals, horn solos and infectious rhythms, it's clear to see why this band is going places. 
Independently produced, take our advice and give the guys a shout on social media and pick up a copy of this dazzling debut. 
It will leave you wanting more!