29-Jan-2020 | JTQ - New Single

People Get Ready - JTQ


People Get Ready (We're Moving On) is the much-anticipated debut single from the brand new James Taylor Quartet album of the same name. The track is a horn-laden and orchestral disco cut featuring Natalie Williams and Noel McKoy on vocals oozing a mellow funk harking back to the 'good times' of 1970s Philly or New York.

A British jazz funk icon and renowned for his Hammond organ sound, James Taylor recorded his 'dream project' at London's Abbey Road Studios with a string orchestra and two UK soul sensations in Natalie Williams and Noel McKoy, the latter with who he previously worked when helping to carve out the Acid Jazz sound back in the early 1990s.

For those of you hearing James Taylor Quartet for the first time, his career as JTQ  - of which his group is most fondly known - dates back to the late '80s. Take a quick glance at the labels he's recorded for - Gearbox, Acid Jazz, Ubiquity, Freestyle Records and Record Kicks - some of the most revered in the wider jazz and funk categories, and it gives you an idea of the level of respect he has garnered over a career that places him in a category all of his own.

Check it out for yourself from the link below...

"Reaching back and re-examining the crossover work I did thirty years ago with the UK’s finest soul singer Noel McKoy, combined with the discovery of the stunning soulful vocal talent in the form of Natalie Williams, I was drawn to write a funk vocal album for these outstanding voices, but now incorporating these new orchestral ideas" says James Taylor.

JTQ will perform at Alexandra Palace in London on February 29th with orchestra, Natalie Williams and Noel McKoy. INFO & TICKETS HERE