23-Jan-2020 | James Taylor Quartet News

James Taylor Quartet News

THE legendary James Taylor Quartet will shortly be treating us to a new single and album.

Superfly - proud to be bringing this wonderful act to Belfast on March 7 - will bring you details and a preview in the near future.
Just to whet our readers appetite however, the main man himself James Taylor has given us a brief insight into what to expect.
"It was after reaching back and re-examining crossover work from over 30 years working with the UK's finest soul singer Noel McKoy," explains James. 
"Then there was the discovery of the stunning soulful vocal talent that is Natalie Williams. 
"With those two I was drawn to writing a funk vocal album. 
" It's my dream project also incorporating orchestral ideas."
Good news is we won't have to wait much longer to hear the end results.
Can't wait!