01-Oct-2020 | Gerardo Frisna - Moving Ahead

Gerardo Frisna- Moving Ahead

 Schema Records to release a new album from Latin jazz dance maestro Gerardo Frisina

'Moving Ahead' represents the evolution of a 20-year long solo career, started in the early 2000s with 'Ad Lib', that once again demonstrates Gerardo’s creativity and unparalleled consistency.

• The musical evolution of 'Moving Ahead' is centered on hypnotic and pushing rhythmic patterns, on which the various guest musicians express themselves with all their melodic and emotional intensity

• A master director in the studio, Frisina has always featured a cast of spectacular musicians for his records. This time a special mention goes to Haruna Kuyateh, a young Gambian artist Gerardo met serendipitously in Milan - his kora enriches the sound of the record