03-Dec-2019 | Ephemerals- Electricity

Electricity- Ephemerals

EPHEMERALS are back with their second single from new album "The Third Eye".

This international indie soul outfit once again deliver a quality release - out on December 6 through Jalapeno Records and Will Work 4 Funk.
"Electricity" is the latest offering from a group which has evolved over the years from a classic soul band.
With this latest single, vocalist Wolfgang Valbrun and songwriter Hillman Mondegreen again push the boundaries of traditional genre ideas.
In "Electricity" the duo again traverse unexploded musical boundaries.
The record highlights Hillman's incisive, poignant lyrics.
And Wolf delivers them perfectly with his inspirational and cleansing tone.
Described as indie soul, psych and alternative, it's hard to pigeonhole Ephemerals.
Why not check them out yourself.