10-Oct-2019 | Down To The Bone

Funkin' Around

DOWN TO THE BONE couldn't have picked a more apt title for their new album..."Funkin' Around"! 

Five years on from their last offering, "Dig It", this double CD treat does exactly what it says on the tin.
"Funkin' Around" is basically a collection of remixes and reworks by the band.
It's hard to believe this project first started out way back at the end of 1995/beginning of '96 when British DJ Stuart Wade and Chris Morgan's formed DTTB.
And all these years later they are still producing quality work.
Released at the beginning of the month on Dome Records, DTTB serve up a a double helping of quality funk, soul and jazz.
From the laid-back feel of "Electric Vibes" to the upbeat, funky "The Flow", Stuart Wade once again shows himself to be the mastermind of solid grooves.
And if you haven't already been won over, we haven't even mentioned some of the guests featured on this collaboration!
Kaidi Tatham, Daz I Kue, Agent K, DJ Spinnaker and the funktastic Speedometer are all included for the first time on one release.
Throw in some Roy Ayers and you've got everything you could possibly wish for from this UK jazz groove institution.
What are you waiting for!