19-Jan-2021 | Dean Parrish - It's Time, Purple Mountain Majesty

Dean Parrish - Purple Mountain Majesty

After a decade gap, northern soul legend Dean Parrish has once more hooked up with Acid Jazz Records to release a new single. ‘It’s Time - Purple Mountain Majesty’ is a towering slice of psychedelic soul, that references the work of Norman Whitfield and like those records, comes with a powerful message.


Released on limited edition 7-inch on the 5th of February it is an incredible new chapter in a remarkable life.

“I got to hear ‘Purple Mountain Majesty’ last year and was immediately intrigued by it. It’s a solid soul record with rock and funk influences that grab you. It demanded more plays and after three or four I was hooked. It has hints of psychedelic soul but is very controlled in its power. Dean’s done an amazing job on creating such a captivating song, knee-deep in atmosphere and a dancer’s delight. His great vocals seal the deal.” - Ady Croasdell (Kent Records and 6Ts supremo)
Side A
It’s Time – Purple Mountain Majesty
Side B
Purple Mountain Majesty