25-Aug-2020 | Danced 'Til Midnight - Low Slung

Danced 'Til Midnight - Low Slung

Danced Til Midnight

"Low Slung feat. Nosaj" / "Demerara Dash

Essex-based DJ, producer and musician Danced Til Midnight continues to bring the uncut funk in his latest double-sider 45: "Low Slung" featuring hip hop maverick Nosaj (of New Kingdom), backed by "Demerara Dash"
A side "Low Slung" fuses a stankin’ bassline, slick wah guitars and dope drums with MC Nosaj’s free associative raps. Nosaj’s thirst for innovative musical styles has led to him collaborating with dub-master Bill Laswell, new wave singer-songwriter David Byrne (Talking Heads), and trip-hop acts Tricky and Morcheeba
Side B, "Demerara Dash" is a kinetic funk workout. This instrumental is a whirlwind tour de force of instrumentation – drums, percussion, sax and guitars alternately take to the fore in this frenetic rush to the dancefloor. Both sides of the 45 feature Hammond organ from Stingray Davies, a key figure of the UK-grown funk roster.  Stingray has played on and produced numerous UK funk records, notably those of Speedometer