22-Oct-2019 | Crowd Company

Crowd Company

Acclaimed UK funk and soul band Crowd Company this week release their new single...and it's a cracker!

"Express 76", out in the Vintage League label, is the first offering in a year since the "Live at the Jazz Cafe" album.
Superfly's main man Pete Brady was fortunate to see the group perform the new song live last weekend and it went down a storm!
"Express 76" was recorded in the Millers Falls studios - belonging to Alan Evans of Ae3 - in America.
It is released on digital format on October 25.
It's a high impact, groovy instrumental featuring sax and trumpet virtuosos Ryan Zodis and Eric Bloom from veteran US band Lettuce.
This is close to three minutes of sheer sonic delight...the first of several planned 45's ahead of their January 2020 new album.
An uptempo track, "Express 76" sees Crowd Company flexing their muscles as they hit, pluck and blow, kicking up a relentless groove.
Another quality offering. But then should we expect anything else?