26-Mar-2020 | Casbah 73 - New 45

Casbah 73 - New 45

In these darks and dangerous days, we are crying out for a ray of light.

Superfly, Funk & Soul, courtesy of Will Work 4 Funk and Lovemonk Records, can provide you with exactly that! 
It comes in the form of an absolutely banging '45 from Casbah 73.
"Sweet Maybe" also features the vocal talents of Bart Davenport.
The LA singer has graced such acts as The Loved Ones, Incarnations and Honeycut in the past. 
"Sweet Maybe" is a driving slice of modern soul disco.
Casbah 73, the American born Madrid based DJ and producer, gives us "Synthstrumental" on the flip side.
It's a soulful party jam that romps along nicely. 
All in all this is a honeyed sizzling affair and a Superfly favourite.
Soulful disco with stunning vocals. What's not to like? 
Check it out using the link below.