18-Jan-2021 | Caravel- A New Macieira

Caravel - A New Macieira

• London-based Afro-Brazilian ensemble Caravela returns with new single 'A Macieira', announce debut LP 'Orla' (None More Records, Feb 2021)

• Following their eponymous debut EP, Caravela gives another proof of their intoxicating mix of Afro-Brazillian rhythms and contemporary London jazz drenched in modern psychedelic and progressive textures

• Lead single ‘ A Maciera ’ builds on a clipped and funky guitar line, strong percussion and tight, syncopated drums as Inês Loubet Franco's incredible vocals soar above the band, reflecting on the folk themes of maturity and innocence, as with the eyes of an old woman, strong and steady, like the old apple tree