04-Jun-2020 | BT ALC Big Band - Bring Forth Change

BT ALC Big Band - Bring Forth Change

"Bring Forth Change”, set to hit all streaming platforms on May 29, 2020 marks BT ALC Big Band's first collaboration with record label Vintage League Music.The idea to record “Bring Forth Change” was put in motion after Alan Evans and BT ALC Big Band co-leader Brian Thomas were chatting about the possibilities of remotely tracking for a 19 piece band under the current social distancing protocol we’re all following. BT ALC Big Band co-leader Alex Lee-Clark agreed that enough band members had the technological capabilities to get the job done. Evans and organist Darby Wolf got right to work and layed down the initial track and shared it with the rest of the band. One by one, each member recorded and submitted their part as Evans began to masterfully piece it together, achieving amazing results.

In addition to the treat of having Evans playing drums, BT ALC Big Band mobilized special guests Nigel Hall & Eric Bloom from Lettuce. Hall’s vocal tracks add depth and support to the powerful 13 piece horn section and Bloom takes the listener on a virtuosic improvisational journey as the rhythm section grooves underneath. Since the group's formation in 2011, BT ALC Big Band has gained a reputation for hard grooving original compositions featuring the most talented jazz and funk musicians in Boston and creating an undeniably unique sound