16-Feb-2020 | Beat Bronco Organ Trio (1)

Beat Bronco Organ Trio

HERE at Superfly we've already highlighted the excellent Beat Bronco Organ Trio.

The Spanish geniuses, courtesy of Will Work 4 Funk and Rocafort Records, bring out their debut album at the end of the month. 
To further get us in the mood, Superfly gives you another sample from the eagerly awaited long player. 
"Beat Bronco" is an uptempo funk tune featuring a blast guitar riff.
Throw in a crunchy Hammond and crazy drum beat and you have a super tight explosive song.
This Madrid based outfit made a real name for themselves in 2019 and 2020 is shaping up to be massive.
"Beat Bronco" is best described in culinary terms.
It's like mixing spicy seafood with very cold beer and having a shot of tequila for dessert!!!
"East Baby", meanwhile, is a soulful mid tempo cut which was their debut single last year.
Perfect to groove to, this mellow number - released in April - has already sold out.
Put February 28 in your diary and get yourself a copy of this soon to be released album.