07-Jul-2020 | Bahama Soul Club ft Billie Holiday

Bahama Soul Club ft. Billie Holiday

After loads of research and rights clearance, we were absolutely stoked to find Billie's "Ain't Nobody's Business"". A beautiful composition by Everett Robbins Porter Grainger. Legend Bessie Smith recorded it in the 20s, Jimmy Witherspoon in the 40s, and Billie made her amazing version 1949... Now, 70 years later, Billie's sound makes love with the contemporary Latin Nu-Jazz of the Bahama Soul Club.
For now the wait for more tunes from the German Soul-Jazz crew around Oliver Belz is over. They're back to spoil us with their laid back and uber-cool vibe. Supported by finest Algarvian vinhos, The BSC are working on their new album. A lot of relaxed inspiration to be found in the tranquillo environment of their new Portuguese recording studio, located in an idyllic countryside setting between Lagos and Sagres. The first song was "Never Roam No More" with John Lee Hooker. The second track is "Ain't Nobody's Business" with Billie Holiday.