01-Dec-2019 | The Sha La Las

Brand New 45

THE Sha La La's sound like a band strutting their stuff back in the 60's.

Little wonder then that the London group's latest single is filled with influences from that era.
Out on Detour Records, it's a double A side single.
Side "A", "When Love Comes", is classic soul which defies you not to dance.
On the flip side is "Keep On Takin' Us Higher", with the track highlighting the Londonder's nod to the past, whilst it's very much music for the here and now.
The Sha La La's hit the jackpot with this 7".
If swirling Hammond organ and vocals delivered with real purpose is your 'thing' then this is definitely for you.
"When Love Comes" is a fitting way for Detour Records to celebrate their 100th release.
It had to be a 'good 'un' to mark that milestone and it doesn't disappoint!