04-Jun-2020 | Stratos Bleu - Smoove & Turrell

Stratos Bleu - Smoove & Turrell

Smoove & Turrell
"Stratos Bleu"

Smoove & Turrell are a breath of fresh air in the world of soul bands. The boys make no attempt to sound or look like anyone else. 2020 sees the release of their 6thstudio album "Stratos Bleu"– a slightly different direction for the boys as they take influences from their infamous DJ sets where they fuse northern soul with funk and electronica.  The production is a marriage of everything that they grew up on fused with elements of modern music but with the distinctive drum heavy dancefloor production Smoove is famous for.
The challenge for both was about finding the right balance between the Smoove & Turrell sound that has brought them such a fanatical following and the raw dance music they grew up on, while always striving to be original. The tougher electronic sound will be a surprise to some but those denizens of the night who have seen these guys work a crowd from the DJ booth will know what to expect – extraordinary lyricism and tight beats.