04-May-2020 | Soul Immigrants - New Release

Soul Immigrants - New Release

The Soul Immigrants
"Back From The Brink (Harder Than You Think)"

Lateralize Records is proud to announce the digital release of new single "Back From The Brink (Harder Than You Think)", following the release of The Soul Immigrants’ album in November 2019. Rather than producing the same sound year after year, good musicians and songwriters constantly evolve.
That's true about TSI whose recent slew of singles have been through the gamut of tough funk such as in "Yard Of Hard Ft Fred Wesley") deep soul, with their explosive cover of Barbara Lynne's "I'm A Good Woman" and now with this, a soul jazz gem, "Back From The Brink (Harder Than You Think)". This souped up, revamped version, marks a maturation point between artist and producer Kraznet Montpeliers hedding the old and moving boldly forward, both sonically and lyrically. "Back From The Brink (Harder Than You Think)" is a strong effort, showcasing the knack at creating dynamic, vibrant and memorable music which carries well as a stand alone single.