04-Oct-2019 | Shake It

New Album - Shake It.

20 years in the game is no small feat in the fickle world of music, especially for an instrumental funk band.
The New Mastersounds continue to play, compose and record with the enthusiasm and joy of teenagers, while having garnered the experience and skill of the seasoned veterans they are.
Celebrating two decades as a band, new album "Shake It" sees The New Mastersounds shake it up, with a departure from the jazz funk meanderings of their recent releases.
Singer Lamar Williams Jr, son of late Allman Brothers bassist Lamar Williams, adds to this very tasty cocktail indeed!
His husky voice is a match made in heaven, with the tight groove that NMS seem to effortlessly provide.
The title track is a clear statement of intent, whose infectious feel-good beat lays the perfect foundation for Lamar to drop a soulful topline.
"Let's Go Back" is a stirring slice of midtempo swamp funk with bluesy influences that pays homage to the New Orleans scene.
Then there's "Taking Me Down", displaying hints of Latin funk and funky horns over a groovy backseat.
Add to that some mellow moments, uplifting summer soul and lazy jazz funk goodness centred around a swirling organ and it brings "Shake It" perfectly to the boil.
From the first to the last note, this album - released on Color Red Records - is a treat for the ears.
And why wouldn't it be? In 20 years of activity, one thing The New Mastersounds surely are, is a guarantee!