07-Jul-2020 | Native Dancer - Full Moon Syndrome

Native Dancer - Full Moon Syndrome

‘Full Moon Syndrome’ shows another side of Native Dancer with a more playful and funky energy and less introspection than previous single releases.

It features some serious chops from bassist Jonathan Harvey playing chords on the bass in the intro/outro and then a super melodic bass line in the verses. Also features some characteristically ND drumming that references hip-hop, nu-soul and jazz simultaneously.

Lyrically the song continues to explore some pretty psychedelic ideas about the nature of time itself and our relationship to past, present and future and how this perception informs our decisions.

Musically, the song plays on a chord riff that is grouped in 9 so has the feeling slipping around inside each cycle.

All this once again references the energy of the moon and its affect on our perception and on our physical bodies as experienced by “lunatics”, people who report feeling crazy during the 24hrs of a full moon.

Birthed from deep within London’s burgeoning Jazz resurgence, Native Dancer have been setting levels across the capital’s live scene (and beyond) over the past two years. Five individual artists who together set out to create a music that speaks from the heart and denies none of their influences in a genre twisting mashup of styles with elements of pop, soul, electro-funk, jazz, rock and dance music.

These sonic explorers have created a sound world that attempts to dissolve boundaries fusing acoustic instruments, synthesizers and samples. The music evokes ideas of parallel realities, a common element that connects everything and ultimately promotes peace and love.