01-Dec-2019 | Masok - New Album

New album from Masok

SUPERFLY is delighted to unveil another quality act from Israel.

Soul outfit Masok have brought out a quality debut album.
"The Bigger the Risk" - on Raw Tapes - is a confident debut from four soul lovers.
Boasting ten tracks, they provide the perfect playground for the soft yet determined voice of Jenny Perkin.
Jenny, Nomok (also on production duties) Tal Kohavi and Omri Shari make up the band.
Based in Tel Aviv, there are jazz, r "n" b and soul influences to be found in "The Bigger the Risk".
It's filled with quality grooves, tight drums, crispy percussion and brilliant bass.
If you haven't yet heard anything by Masok now's your chance.
Featuring fresh, airy, dreamy soul, it's an album full of graceful and catchy melodies.
Own it!