09-Nov-2019 | Jesper Lindell - New Album

Everyday Dreams by Jesper Lindell

NOVEMBER 29 marks the release of "Everyday Dreams" multi talented Jesper Lindell.

This enticing debut album from the Super Swede brings together a mix of soul, rock, blues and folk.
Released by Alive Natural Sound Records, it's a welcome breath of fresh air from a young man still only in his twenties.
There are so many influences at play in his work...with a strong away towards Stax-Volt r'n'b.
Current single "Stormy Waters" is a superb taster of what to expect.
It's a groovy throwback to classic soulful rock n roll.
"Everyday Dreams" brings out the best from this talented songwriter from just outside Stockholm.
With his soulful voice and stomping piano, the nod to the Stack era is clear for all to hear.
Jesper Lindell delivers an intimate LP full of 60's influences for his first release.
You won't be disappointed!