09-Nov-2019 | Flevans with Laura Vane

Flevans - New Single

Producer extraordinaire Flevans brings out a new album next year.

It will be the sixth studio album from the talented multi instrumentalist.
To whet the appetite, the South Coast based star releases a single on November 15.
Will Work 4 Funk and Jalapeno Records have teamed up to give us "Mr Right".
Flevans again hooks up with soul songstress Laura Vane to give us another wonderful offering.
Listen closely and you can hear the nod to Chala Khan.
There's Prince style harmonies too in this bouncing, groove infused track.
Flevans brings his playful, funky production style expertly to create a guaranteed dancefloor smash.
With electro, synth, bass and horns aplenty - and Laura's soulful vocals - everything gels perfectly to create a memorable collaboration.
As if that wasn't enough, the single also includes instrumental "Speculate".
If this double helping of nu funk, soul and pop, is just for starters, we here at Superfly Funk and Soul Belfast can't wait for the main dish in 2020!