04-Oct-2019 | Back from the Brink

New Album Soul Immigrants

ONE of London's longest running exponents of the funk/soul jazz scene are back... back from the Brink.

That's the name of the new album by the wonderful The Soul Immigrants.

This, their third long player... following on from "The Hustle Is On" and  "Basic and Basement Grooves 1" due for release on November 15.

Published by Lateralize Records, it's everything you'd expect from South London's finest.

Emrys Baird (vocals and guitar), David Bouet (drums), Dee Byrne (alto saxophone), Al Gibson (bass/keyboards) and David Dower, also assisting with keyboards, make up the line up.

Of course there's a string of additional musicians.

And there's guest appearances from Freddie Notes, Ciyo Brown, Cedric Holt, talented Katarina Sandell on vocals and the exceptional Ria Currie.

"Back from the Brink" has ten tracks which will have you chomping at the bit to hit the dancefloor!

Amongst the many riches on offer,

The Soul Immigrants serve up some belting tunes.

It's fast and funky with delightful keyboards.

This band has played alongside many top acts and has featured on the Craig Charles BBC6 show and it's easy to see why.

Featuring irrepressible front man Emrys Baird, new single "I'm a Good Woman" is a cover of the Barbara Lynn classic.

Full of deep funk, sassy grooves, "Back from the Brink" proves once again that these guys have their groove on!

A superb, vibrant album from start to finish, this deserves to be heard far and wide.

Perhaps one day soon we might even get the chance to see them in the flesh in Belfast.

Here's hoping!