04-Oct-2019 | Ae3

New Album - The Wild Root

FOR any funk and soul aficionado who has kept a keen eye and ear on the contemporary scene, the name Alan Evans should definitely ring a bell.

A founding member of American funk jazz trio and Bluenote signing Soulive, he is no stranger to a solid groove.
So much so that he has found the time to engage in a parallel project, the Alan Evans Trio, aka Ae3, a power soul organ trio consisting of Alan, Danny Meyer (Eric Krasnodar Band) and Kris Yunker (Jen Durkin and the Business).
Five years since the release of their latest album, "Merkaba", Ae3 is finally back with a new full length, "The Wild Root".
It contains nine bangin' tunes that blend funk, soul, jazz and a splash of psych-fuzz action to spice things up.
Released via Vintage League Music, "The Wild Root" reveals a mature sound that seamlessly shifts from upbeat 60's soul jazz to moody cinematic atmospheres.
There's summery jazz funk vibes in "Regeneration" and heavy pysch funk grooves such as "Green Machine".
It may have  taken five years but this latest instrumental album - apart from "Black Rider" -  with Evans on vocals, has been well worth the wait