29-Nov-2019 | "79 Time For Action

'79 Time For Action- Garry Bushell

THERE'S always been a link between those who enjoyed the Mod and Funk scenes.

Many of today's "main players", Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz) James Taylor (JTQ) had their roots very firmly planted in the Mod scene.
There have always been similarities... both forms of dance music.
Both firmly entrenched in the original rhythm and blues and both similar in their approach to live music - electric and bass guitars, horn sections and organ influences.
So '79 the Mod Revival Time for Action should be of interest to many of our readers.
Out on REDPLANETMUSICBOOKS.COM, it's written by Harry Bushell.
The Mod Revival of that era put life and laughs into the grim UK scene.
Journalist Bushell was on the frontline and was present to witness all the critical events.
This book, filled with some great photos from that '79-81period, recreates the pure excitement of those times.
Bushell tells how American Forces Radio introduced the first Mods to the underground sounds of black American music.
From there, r 'n'b, Tampa Motown, Stax, Volt etc all followed.
Priced £12.99, it's the perfect stocking filler for anyone who enjoyed this scene.